Home textile

The interior design of business spaces, apartments, homes or offices is a passion of many owners. The Home textile department is an important segment of our wholesale centres. We have been supplying the largest rental apartment and other tourist property owners in the Adriatic for many years.

Our own brand DOMO has a significant market share. The offer of white home textile has been an integral part of home and apartment furnishing since 1969.

Valued business partners allow continuous production and distribution of high-quality products with a wide price range. We supply luxury hotels as well as private units like trades and associations.

Home textile consists of basic assortment as well as semiannual and impromptu collections aligned with the current market preferences. Our wholesale centres become a gathering place for longtime and new customers several times a year.

As the customers continue to show great interest in home furnishing products, our home assortment steadily grows and adapts to their needs.

Tekstilpromet offers colourful and jolly linen, perfect for kindergartens. With it, the afternoon rest might just become the favourite part of the day for the kids.

  • linen program - bedspreads, bed sheets, covers, blankets, quilts, down blankets, pillows
  • tableware - tablecloth, dishcloth, cushions, PVC tablecloth (in bulk)
  • bathroom program - towels, robes, bathroom sets
  • carpets, curtains (in bulk or finished)
  • our own brand - DOMO

Did you know?

Naf Naf was named after the French version of the most diligent of the Three Little Pigs.