Fabrics and haberdashery

Bulk materials have been the foundation of Tekstilpromet development since 1949.

Fashion textiles in bulk are a significant part of our wholesale assortment, making almost a third of our wholesale centres’ total offer. Customers can order fashion fabrics directly through our network, or find them in one of our Svijet tkanine retail stores.

Haberdashery is a part of the assortment mainly supplying tailor salons and fashion designers. Our diverse offer includes decorative ribbons, threads, rubber backings for curtains, as well as buttons and weaves.

  • linen and table clothes - damask, cloth, inlet, wafer, crêpe, terry and flannel
  • decorative fabrics - for furniture, seating, awnings, etc.
  • clothing fabrics - twill, corduroy, poplin, silk, linen, viscose, lace, faux leather
  • technical fabrics - lining, flizelin, gauze, tetra cloth
  • haberdashery (tailoring accessories)

Did you know?

A secret to the supreme quality of all Falke products is in a handmade finish.