Show you're Jockey

The brand evolved from a small factory that manufactured quality socks for lumberjacks in Michigan. Since 1876, when Jockey was founded, many things have changed, but innovative, imaginative approach to each product from their collection remains to this day.

Jockey is a leading American manufacturer of quality underwear for women and men. The brand is renowned for its useful and functional innovations in the choice of materials and production process.

Whether it is underwear for athletes that cools quickly or seamless panties with no visible hem, Jockey will always pleasantly surprise you with some new detail that elevates it above the competition.

Tekstilpromet is an exclusive distributor of the brand for Croatia since 2016. The brand is developed through our own retail network, as well as through cooperation with our franchise partners and wholesale buyers.

Find Jockey in all of our Skiny stores in Zagreb and Pula.

Women, Men

RANGE: underwear, sports clothes, nightwear

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E-mail: jockey@tekstilpromet.hr

Did you know?

We are a proud sponsor of Zagreb School of Fashion and Design. Our storefronts often showcase their newest creations.